I have been affiliated with Mr. Darryl Green over the past two years where he serve as the Program Manager at Christopher’s Place Employment Academy. Have had the occasion to be in settings where he has spoken of his passionate story of forgiveness for the Man killed his brother in 1988. Mr. Green’s story speaks to all of our families that have been directly traumatized by the homicide violence within our communities — and as well, those of us that although have not experienced it directly, are fraught with the fear of it crossing our daily pathway. The power of his message is not in the retelling of the tragic story of facing and experiencing violence, but out of that tragedy how he was to able to open his heart and pour out mercy, grace, and forgiveness to bring a healing for himself, the perpetrator, and all persons devastated by the event. His story is a testament that helped me to open my heart to the transforming power of forgiveness! For that Mr. Green, I am forever grateful! I praise you in the fulfillment of your life purpose!

— Dr. Charles Hicks