I have been affiliated with Mr. Darryl Green over the past two years where he serve as the Program Manager at Christopher’s Place Employment Academy. Have had the occasion to be in settings where he has spoken of his passionate story of forgiveness
for the Man killed his brother in 1988.

Mr. Green’s story speaks to all of our families that have been directly traumatized by the homicide violence within our communities — and as well, those of us that although have not experienced it directly, are fraught with the fear of it crossing our daily pathway.

The power of his message is not in the retelling of the tragic story of facing and experiencing violence, but out of that tragedy how he was to able to open his heart and pour out mercy, grace, and forgiveness to bring a healing for himself, the perpertrater, and all persons devastated by the event.

His story is a testament that helped me to open my heart to the transforming power of forgiveness! For that Mr. Green, I am forever grateful! I praise you in the fulfillment of your life purpose!
— Dr. Charles Hicks

With there being such a dire need for leadership within and beyond urban communities and families, Darryl Green has been a passionate leader about his work with African-American men of color. His clarion call for accountability, wholeness, and authenticity has sounded throughout the Baltimore City and the surrounding vicinity. As I am a professor at Morgan State University and a community pastor in the Baltimore City region, I have seen his consistency as a student, practitioner, and community activist as he has totally embodied the recent theme around the country that “Black lives really Matter”. His work has spawned well over a decade in our community to the degree that it has been the impetus for our research team’s recent research and published article “Merging Community and Faith-based organizations to Empower African-American Men”. I am excited that his work continues!
— Dr. Kevin Daniel, Professor at MSU, Pastor of Saint Martin Church of Christ

Darryl Green captivates every audience he speaks in front of. It’s so incredibly worth taking the time to hear his story and his selflessness shines through. He made me want to go change the world.

The things Mr. Green presented were inspiring beyond measure. Though, I have never felt pain and anger in the same ways as you, I was incredibly moved by his kindness, his passion, and his understanding. I’d like to believe I’d be capable of the level of deep forgiveness as Mr. Green.
All the things he said were so wise and motivating. With all the protesting and the outcries against injustice occurring here in Baltimore, I am increasingly motivated to be bold (as he instructed us) and fight against injustice. Your words were quite powerful and your overall message was even more far-reaching.
— Kiki Coffman; Student at Loyola University
Mr. Green is a very passionate and powerful younger man. With his honesty and bravery has taught me two things from his tragic compelling personal story and that is the Art of Love and Forgiveness. His work dealing with Forgiveness can and will change the world.
— Jonetta Rose Barras, Columnist for The Washington Times

Dr. Green’s work has allowed me to look through a different set on lenses and released me from the pain and anger, I’ve been carrying around with me for more than a decade and dieing more and more everyday. Thanks Mr. Green for releasing me to Live Again.
— Denise Vaughn, Parent

I enjoyed listening to Mr. Greene. I appreciate the time he took to share his story with us, because “he was on our street”. When he said that somebody saw something special in me, it reminded me of my uncle. I really appreciate Mr. Greene’s story about forgiveness. Now, when people hurt me, I will try to forgive instead of hurting them just because i’m hurt. Thank you, Mr. Greene, this one presentation has helped me view a lot of things differently.
— Jasmine Frink, Student at CCBC

Mr. Darryl Green spoke to us, and I must say that it was very powerful and moving, emotionally. This man was able to forgive the murderer of his brother! Being able to forgive is something that I am still working on myself.

Both families were able to come together like civilized people, despite the loss of a brother, and became a great demonstration of how BLACK LIVES MATTER! Darryl Green’s story should be put in a display case to set as a precedent to people who are feeling hopeless. His testimonial is something that I can reflect back to when I need inspiration and motivation.
— Kevon Smith; Student at CCBC